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Debunking Myths


Debunking Myths

The San Antonio Police Officers Association (SAPOA, the local police union) relies on misinformation and fear to push their agenda and evade accountability. 

Here are some answers to questions you may encounter.

Response: While it is true that chokeholds have been banned by SAPD policy since the 1990s, the use of chokeholds still persists in some instances. Proposition A seeks to make the ban on chokeholds a part of the city’s laws with no exceptions, ensuring that the policy is enforced and followed consistently. This will promote transparency and accountability in policing, and prevent unnecessary harm to individuals and families.

Response: The use of no-knock warrants can be dangerous and has led to unnecessary harm to both residents and law enforcement officials including our current police union president. Proposition A seeks to ban no-knock warrants except in cases where there is a threat of imminent harm or danger to human life. This ensures that the use of no-knock warrants is only used in extreme circumstances, promoting public safety while protecting individual rights.

Response: The argument that law enforcement does not arrest individuals for abortion-related offenses is irrelevant. While it is true that SAPD has never made an abortion-related arrest, the issue of criminalizing abortion is still relevant and important. Proposition A seeks to ban the use of city resources to investigate and criminalize reproductive health decisions, ensuring that no healthcare providers are investigated for providing life-saving care and that no one is investigated for helping someone seek an abortion. This is a fundamental human right that should not be infringed upon, and Proposition A will help safeguard the reproductive rights of San Antonians. Additionally, decriminalizing marijuana will promote racial equity and justice by reducing the disproportionate targeting of Black and Hispanic community members.

Response: The Justice Director position is an important part of Proposition A, aimed at promoting transparency and accountability in policing. The Justice Director will oversee city budgets and contracts concerning police officers, ensuring that resources are being used effectively and equitably. The requirement that the Justice Director not have prior law enforcement background is intentional, as it ensures that the position is independent and not influenced by the police department. The idea that the Justice Director will be a “puppet position” answering to activists and their demands is unfounded and without evidence.

Response: This claim is false and misleading. While there may be some aspects of Proposition A that may require further clarification and interpretation, the city attorney’s opinion is not the final say on the matter. It is important to note that Proposition A was certified by the city council for the May election, indicating that it meets the legal requirements for a ballot measure. Voters can decide for themselves whether Proposition A is a necessary and just reform for San Antonio.